Blocked Drains FAQs

How Do I Know I Have a Blocked Drain?

If you have a blocked drain or sewer, you will experience symptoms such as nasty smells, slow draining and even water coming up from the drain.

How Do You Unblock Drains?

We use a CCTV camera to locate the blockage and a jetter to clear your home drains.

What Causes Blocked Drains?

In our experience, tree roots, flushing foreign objects or pouring grease down the drain are the biggest culprits.

How Much Will It Cost To Get My Drains Cleared?

Depending on the severity of the blockage, we’ll provide you with a number of fixed-price options to get the job done whilst onsite.

What Do I Do If My Outside Drain Is Blocked?

If you find that there is a drain that is blocked outside, first identify which type of drain it is. If it is a storm water drain and there is no sign of flooding, it may be possible to clear the drain using a plunger. If you identify that the blocked drain is overflowing sewage, you need to contact your local plumber straight away as this can have a significant impact on your house and health.

Hot Water Maintenance and Installation FAQs

How long should my hot water system last?

We’ve seen hot water systems that last anywhere from 7 years to 20 years!

Do you provide a warranty?

All new hot water systems we install come with a manufacturers warranty and we also provide a 7-year warranty on workmanship.

What capacity will I need?

The size of your hot water system will depend on a number of things such as how many people are in the house, etc.
We’ll guide you on the right system for your situation.

How much do new hot water systems cost?

Prices range depending on brand and system size.
Often we can find a like for like replacement or simply repair the system to save you purchasing a brand new one.

Gas Plumbing FAQs

What if I smell gas in my home?

If you suspect a gas leak, please call us immediately on 02 9167 8204 and one of our gas plumbers will guide you on what to do until we get to your home.

Can you provide a compliance certificate?

At the completion of gas works in your home, our gas fitter will provide a certificate of compliance.

Roof Plumbing FAQs

Do you wear a harness when undertaking roof plumbing?

As qualified, insured roof plumbers, we are required to undertake all roofing work whilst wearing a harness for our safety.

How much do you charge?

We charge $90 for our initial consultation which allows us to inspect any roof plumbing issues you may be facing.
If you decide to go ahead with one of our fixed price solutions, our initial $90 consultation fee is waived.

Where are you based?

Our plumbers are local to the Eastern Suburbs and North Shore and have been undertaking roof plumbing work across Sydney for over 15 years.
Call us today for a quote on 02 9167 8204.